How to Make a Toy Boat Out of Office Supplies

To do this you will need:

paper clips,
blue tack,
and a post it note.

Other tools you will need are scissors, needle nosed pliers and a pair of hands.

Step 1: Bending the Paper Clips

1) Straighten all of your paper clips

2) Take one of your three small paper clips and bend it into an evenly shaped U shape for the hull

3) Take your largest paper clip and using needle nosed pliers shape the paper clip into shape (start at the middle of the paper clip)

4) Push U-shaped paper clip into the clip section of the largest paper clip you made earlier

5) Push blue tack around the meeting point between the two paper clips, this will act as ballast weight and hold the paper clips in place before putting on sellotape, done

Step 2: Making the Hull

1) Overlap 5 strips of sellotape with a 5mm overlap(3/16 of an inch). The strips of sellotape should come together to make a sheet with a width of about 10cm.

2) Lay sellotape sheet around the frame made from paper clips

3) Pull sheet around and cut down to shape, to get the best shape you should cut into the sellotape and pull the sides over (SEE DIAGRAM)

Step 3: Adding Sail

1) Bend two paperclips into a 7 shape and sellotape to the inside of the boat

2) Connect these up with sellotape

3) cut post it note into triangle shape and wrap around the top bar using the post it note's sticky side

Step 4: Sailing

Just put the boat into the water and blow on the sail



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