How to Make a Tutoruil With Your Digital Camera Diy

this instuctable will show you how to make a game tutoral


Step 1: Preperiration for Camera and My Tuturial
Video of how on my camera
Heres my tutorial 

Step 2: Record Untincles

A trypod:
A video here
A digital camera with video recording
A computer to upload the video

Step 3: Recording

have camera on and press shutter on video mode (half way at first to focus and press all the way)
in front of your TV
if you dont have a trypod use a kithen chair and some games,movies and books if not wait for this instuctable
if you don't have a pc wait untill you have one or use your friends pc or your famlys if not wait for this instuctable
if you dont have a camera use your friends or your famlys or wait to use this instuctable
if you don't have the game system wait or use your frends or your famlys if not wait for this instuctable
if they don't let you use them just leave this instuctable

Step 4: Upload To

you will need an E-mail acount
if you are under age use your parents if their not to strict about it
if you are aged right use yours
if you setup one use yours

for any of these you will have to sign up if you haveint alrighty



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    5 years ago

    Perhaps you could use real pictures of setup of a digital camera instead of mouse-drawn doodles. Check your spellings too.


    5 years ago

    Yeah, check the spelling over