How to Make a Unique Minecraft House Part 1

If you would like to know how to build this house stay on this instructable. You can build this house in any version of Minecraft.

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Step 1: Things Needed

•a block of your choice I chose polished granite
•glass blocks or glass panes
•creative flat map

Step 2: Front Door

Place two blocks and then leave a two block gap and place another two blocks. This will be your front door.

Step 3: Front of House

Place two blocks going diagonal to the ones you just placed on both the left side and the right side. This may seem confusing but just look at the photo above for help.

Step 4: Front of House

From the last diagonal block you just placed extend out 5 more blocks again on both the left side and the right side.

Step 5: Last Bit of the Front of the House.

Now place two more diagonal blocks going inwards and do this once again for the left side and the right side.

Step 6: Extend Up

For the doorway make a border of glass around the door like in the picture. Then for the rest of the blocks on the front extend up another 4 blocks.

Step 7: Sides.

Build 4 blocks over on one side and do the same on the other side.

Step 8: Sides

Now place 3 diagonal blocks going inwards and 1 diagonal block going outwards.

Step 9: Sides and Back

Now from the block you just placed extend over another 5 blocks. Then from those blocks build a block diaganol from it and extend over 1. Do this again to the blocks you just placed. Then build one last block going diagonal from those blocks all going inwards. Do this on the other side. Then for the back build over 7 more blocks on each side leaving a 2 space gap.

Step 10: Windows (optional)

For the left side of the right side do the window design above for both sides. They have to be parallel.

Step 11: Windows (optional)

For the other bigger section on either side do the design in the picture above.

Step 12: Extend Up

For the rest of the walls on the sides just extend them up another 4 blocks.

Step 13: Back Windows

For the back windows do the designs above. And put doors in for the back doorway and do the window design above. The 2 doorways should line up.

Step 14: Last Step

Replace the grass in the house with the block you built the house out of. Then build the roof again out of what you built the house out of.

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