How to Make a Vase for a Single Flower





Introduction: How to Make a Vase for a Single Flower

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I introduce a way to reuse burnt out a light bulb to the vase for the single flower.

Step 1: Materials

Prepare materials, burnt out the light bulb, pliers, a hammer, an awl, a bolt.

Step 2: Remove Parts

Remove metal parts of the tip with the use of pliers.

Step 3: Break a Grass

Break a grass of the tip with the use of the awl.

Be careful not to cut your fingers with the piece of broken glass!

Step 4: Pierce a Filament

Pierce a filament in the light bulb.

Step 5: Wipe Off

Wipe off silica powder in the light bulb with waste cloth.

Step 6: Transparent

Turn the transparent light bulb.

Step 7: You Finished!!

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Looks really cool !!it would be an awesome room decor even without the flower good job :))

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