How to Make a Video Game Using Gamesalad




Introduction: How to Make a Video Game Using Gamesalad

In this i teach you how to make a game using the program gamesalad

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Step 1: Make/Get Art for the Game

First off your going to make/get art for your game, think of everything it needs from characters to buttons.

And don't forget to download the program at

Step 2: Creating a New Sprite

To make a new sprite click on the face and then click the plus button.

Step 3: Adding a Image

To add a image click on the background button, and then the "Plus" Button.

Step 4: Adding a Background

To add a background you have to make it a sprite, but to change the background color all you have to do is click on "Scene" Under "Attributes" and click "Color"

Step 5: Adding Behaviors

To add a behavior just click on the puzzle pieces next to "Add Image". Then you select what behavior you want and drag it into the behaviors tab, to get to it you click "Actor under attributes, if there is none, just click on the actor you made. Then you click on the gear next to the picture of your actor.

Step 6: Adding Your Character to the Map

To add you character to the map, just drag your actor onto the square in the middle of the screen. After that you can turn it or move it.

Step 7: Adding a Scene

To add a scene just click on the button on the very left under Library, then click on the plus.

Now you can just get used to the program and add more sprites to make a good game.

For a full video on how to make a game just watch this.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Great job on your first Instructable! This is cool. I hope we see more from you in the future!