Baking Soda Rocket




Introduction: Baking Soda Rocket

Just like the title says! Just Don't point this at anyone!!!

Step 1: Materials!

All you need is Viniger, baking soda, a water bottle, a 1/2 cup measure, 1 tissue, and a table spoon measure. [It's so easy!]

Step 2: Step 1!!

Get 1/2 cup of viniger and pour it into the water bottle.

Step 3: Step 2!!!

Pour baking soda on to tissue.

Step 4: Step 3!!!!

Roll The tissue up.

Step 5: Step 4!!!!!

Almost ready! Now put the roll into the bottle and put the cap on! [Fast!!!]

Step 6: Step 5!!!!!!

Shake the bottle for a 3 seconds.

Step 7: Step 5!!!!!!!

Now Super fast hold the cap of the bottle away from u and unscrew the cap!!! the rocket should fly and Crash about maybe 10-20ft away Again DON'T POINT THIS AT ANY ONE!!!!!!!!!



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    5 Discussions

    it didn't work for me but its pretty good idea thanks buddy !!!

    this is an update of an old time science project, still pretty cool though! If you drill a small hole in the cap, cover it while shaking and release, you may get more distance