How to Make a Waterfall Bracelet on the Loom Rectangle Shape




first you Will need a rectangle loom,hook,rubber bands and a s-clip

To get started

Step 1: Place Al the Rubber All the Way Down and Do the Same With the Other Side

Step 2: This How It Look Like Then Take a Black Band an Place It Across the Rubber Bands

Step 3: This Is How It Looks Like Now Let's Start Looping

Step 4: This Was You First Peg Continue All the Way Up and the Other Side

Step 5: This Is How It Look Like Next Lets Hook It

Step 6: Finally This Is How It Looks Like Next Lets Tied a Knot

Step 7: Next Add a S Clip

Step 8: We Already Put the Clip Next Take the Bracelet Off the Loom and Add the Clip to the Next Side

Step 9: This Is How It Looks Like When It Is Fininsh



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