How to Make a Wierdo Loom Bracelet Rainbow Loom

hey guys, sworry for the no images but I still can make a instruct able without images ;)

But pleeaaase this is my first instructable so sorry if It's bad quality so yeah

the following picture is my bracelet for the looping steps but the final steps i use a diff one

this is how it should look like:

Step 1: Step 1, Starting Off Mate!!

You will need...

*one row from the rainbow loom, but u can use ur fingers

*loom bands

*s or c clip

*a hook

Step 2: Starting With the Looming Duh!

start off by stretching the first band across 2 pegs in a figure of 8, the stretch it once more on a third one, also twisting it, then stretch another band across the 3 pegs but not twisting it, the next bands will not be twisted either just to help :) then start looping the bottom band over the top band on all 3 pegs, then add another band over then loop the other one over the 3 pegs, just do this procedure over and over until the bracelet starts to form and fit ur wrist.

Step 3: Finishing Off

so now you need your s or c clip

so now you carefully take one end of the last band and put it on the center peg, then do the same to the other band and put it to the center peg. stretch out the band by pulling the bracelet body GENTLY the in sert the s or c clip on all three bands and then take the band off the peg, insert it to the other ends,





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    6 Discussions

    funky creator

    3 years ago

    it is not weirdo it is called norway chain, basic or single loop and so many other names as well and i also know how to make them they are super duper easy!!

    3 replies
    Nornerdfunky creator

    Reply 3 years ago

    Thanks for telling me i just didnt know the name so i called it the weirdo bracelet