How to Make a Wood Pestle and a Mojito

Introduction: How to Make a Wood Pestle and a Mojito

About: I like to create stuff mostly out of scrap wood. Making things out of wood is something I really enjoy.

I made this project on my homemade drill lathe.

Step 1: I Begun With a Scrap Spruce Piece

I cut it to size with my miter box and a saw

Step 2: I Used the Lathe to Round Over the Piece

Step 3: I Used Several Wood Turning Gouges to Shape the Piece

Step 4: I Cut the Piece Off the Lathe With a Hand Saw

Step 5: I Wood Burned the Word Mojito on the Piece

Step 6: Time to Make the Cocktail

I added 5 mint leaves

Step 7: I Added Two Spoonfuls of Brown Sugar

Step 8: I Add the Juice of Half Lime

Step 9: I Gently Crashed the Leaves With the Pestle

This way the mint's flavour gets releases

Step 10: I Added the Ice

Step 11: I Added the Rum

Step 12: I Filled With Soda Water and My Mojito Was Ready!

Step 13: Cheers!

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    That's awesome! I've never known how to make a mojito before. Thanks for sharing!