How to Make a Wooden Pen

Introduction: How to Make a Wooden Pen

Lathe- $200
Drill Press- $90
Pen Mandrel- $20
Pen Press- $50
Centering Vice- $50 or build one like me
Pen Blank- make your own or buy one $1.50-$15
Pen kit- $2-$12 
Pen mill- $30
Chisels- $25-$50
Saw- most people have one.
CA super glue or epoxy- $15
Finishing Polish-$20
Safety glasses- should already have, but cheap ones are $5
High Grit sandpaper (up to 400 grit minimum)- good stuff is $.50 a sheet

Step 1: Cutting and Drilling the Blank

For this section we will do a slimline pen however there are many styles. So you will want to get out your pen blank and a tube from your pen kit. You will want to take the tube the width of the saw blade plus an eighth of an inch back from the edge and draw a line at the back of the tube then do the same for this, but from the line. Then cut the blank on these lines. After this take a straightedge and mark the center by drawing a line from corner to opposite corner twice. Then take your centering vice and lock it in, the set it on your drill press and 7 mm brad point drill bit that comes with the mandrel and drill it out using the drill press. Then you will have the holes.

Step 2: Inserting the Tubes

For this next section you will want to take out the pen tubes from the kit. Then take a low grit sandpaper and scuff them up so that the shiny coating on the brass goes away and then place the tube on a cheap wood pencil and insert into the hole while rotating it and occasionally drawing out. Then place it on the mandrel with two bushings on the outsides and one in between.

Step 3: On the Lathe

Once on the lathe power it up and apply the chisels to the wood lightly and grind until the blank is rounded after you have completed this, it is time to get creative. You can do whatever you want as long as you bring down the ends to the bushings. Then you want to take out your sand paper and sand out any inconsistencies. once smooth you are ready for finishing.

Step 4: Finishing

On the lathe you need to bring it up to the highest speed and apply some of your finish to a towel. Then spin it onto the wood and then press hard so that you feel a little heat and then release.

Step 5: Pressing It Together.

For this step you will need your pen press. Take it out and the front piece of your pen. Take the tip from the kit and press it onto the pen. Then take the mechanical section and press it into the indent on the pen. Then take the back and the button and clip. Put the button through the hole on the clip and press it into the back. Then add the ink to the mechanical section and push the two pieces together after placing the ring on the mechanical section.



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    10 Discussions

    If you chuck up a small piece of scrap oak (or other hardwood) in your drill press and use another piece on the drill press table, you can use that to press it together.

    6 replies

    I was using a parallel clamp, then I broke the mechanical piece broke as I was pushing it in so I bought the press and It works great

    The Do work very well, as do the disassembling kits. they also make presses to chuck up in the lathe as well as many other types. has a section on their website with plans to make your own press. There's also a few YouTube videos on how to make them. I just have a hard time spending money on something that I basically already have.

    I see what you mean however I was wondering where you can get a dis-assembly kit because I have been looking for one

    I just bought a transfer punch kit for $10 at harbor freight. $8 cheaper than pen places online sell them for and no wait for shipping time. lol has them, but Google it. I'm pretty sure it's just some 1/8" rod and a few more pieces. they run about $18 for the kit.

    And show off your work!!

    If you can, get a set of sanding pads. I got a set that goes up to 3000 grit. Produces a super smooth finish.
    Happy Penning