How to Make a Wooden Pen on a Lathe




Introduction: How to Make a Wooden Pen on a Lathe

I have seen several instructables on pen making but they are not quite what I wanted soooo I decided to make one myself.

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Step 1: What You Need

A pen kit - I bought mine from Carba tec

Blocks of wood suitable for turning - I use either Red Gum Black Wood or Iron Bark, just because it is what I have.

Wood Lathe

Turning tools

Pen mandrel


Either wax or boiled linseed oil

7mm drill bit

Step 2: Making the Blanks

I cut my blanks square around 20-25 mm X 60mm

Holding the blanks in the lathe I use the lathe to drill the blanks to 7mm

I then glue in the brass tubes. I have found Alradite works best, takes 24 hour to dry

Once dry I use the pen cutting tool to remove the excess length from the blanks and expose the cooper tube

Step 3: Turning Blanks on Lathe

I fit the blanks to the mandrel and then place on the lathe

I start the lathe as quickly as practable and increase speed as the blanks become round

I stop using the lathe tool when the blank is about 1mm of the mandrel

NOTE move the rest away BEFORE you start sanding to prevent hand getting caught

I finish the last little bit with sandpaper starting with 80 grit then 120 and finish with 180 grit

I put a little wax on a rag and apply with the lathe running

Finish of with a soft rag to a very high shine

Step 4: Assembling the Pen

Using a wooden vice I assemble the pen

First push on the pointy end

Then push in the middle up until it gets to the line

Lastly fit the clip to the bush

Fit the ink part and complete the pen

Step 5: Use and Enjoy

The top pen is Red Gum the middle is Black Wood and the bottom is Iron bark.

They are a great pen to use or give as gifts.

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