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Introduction: How to Make a Wooden Tape Holder

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This is one of my homemade tape holders and below are the instructions showing how you can make your own!

This tutorial will show you how to make a wooden tape holder for any sized tape rolls. This tutorial is meant as a guide to get you started and the goal is that you end up with a tape holder that you can call your own!


  1. Wing nut, washer and bolt!
  2. Plywood, mdf or particle board.
  3. Soda can (for the cutting blade).
  4. Small piece of wood (for a wedge to hold the blade).
  5. Paper.
  6. One screw!
  7. Your tape roll!

Tools needed, jigsaw or scroll saw or bandsaw, sandpaper, screwdriver, drill and an old pair of scissors!

Step 1: The Design Process

Before we can build it we need to design it!

To begin, place your tape roll on a piece of paper and draw a circle inside the tape roll. The circle will be the part that holds the tape roll inside the holder. Once you have drawn the circle its time for some creative drawing. Draw a rough shape for the outline of the entire holder.

Step 2: The Next Step in the Design Process

Once you have drawn the shape for your tape holder place the tape roll back on the circle, then move it down a little bit and draw a line using the lower outside of the tape roll as your ruler. Draw the line inside of your outline.

The reason we move the roll a bit down is the be sure there is enough space between the tape roll and the bottom part of the tape holder.

Step 3: You Should End Up With a Drawing Similar to This!

Now clean up your drawing a bit.

The second image in color explains the different parts. The blue circle is the circle that will hold the tape roll. The green part will be the 2 sides. Finally the orange part is the bottom part of the middle section.

Step 4: Production

Now we are done with the design, next take 3 copies of your design.

Glue 2 of the copies on 2 thinner boards and saw them after the side outlines! Glue the third copy on a board that is a bit thicker than your tape roll, the saw the circle and the bottom middle section (see image in previous step).

For sawing you can use a scroll saw. jigsaw or bandsaw.

Step 5: Putting It All Together

Once you have sawed out the parts, place one of the sides on the table and place the bottom part and the circle on the side. At this stage check with your tape roll to make sure it isn't tight on the circle. If it is just do some sanding.

Next sand all parts and smooth out edges. When the parts are smooth glue the bottom part and the circle to one of the side pieces. Wait for the glue to dry then clamp the other side of the tape holder in place and drill a hole for your bolt somewhere in the circle (doesn't have to be in the center. Drill this hole straight thought the entire holder. Now you can put it together with the bolt and wing nuts (use a washer on both sides). Next line up the sides and drill a small hole for a screw in the front section. This hole will be drilled through the removable side and about half way in the the frame. Put your screw in the hole and cut of the head of the screw (your can also use a small wooden dowel instead of a screw. This screw functions as a small pivot that keeps the removable side lined up.

Step 6: Grove for the Blade

All that's left is the blade.
The first step is to saw a grove for the blade and the wedge.

Step 7: Making the Blade and a Wedge

Take your soda can and cut a piece that's wider than your tape holder! To cut it i used and old pair of scissors.

Next make a small wedge (just shape a piece of wood with sandpaper), put the metal sheet from the soda can in the groove and keep shaping your wedge until it wedges the the soda can blade firmly in place. Once you have a tight fit just bend the metal by hand a bit forward and trim off the excess. Add your tape roll and do some test cuts. I filed some teeth for the blade as you can see in the image but i found that it was an unnecessary step as it doesn't take much to cut tape and metal this thin is a bit jagged and sharp after cutting it with old scissors.

Step 8: Your Done

That's it, now you have your tape holder. If you want you can decorate it by painting, decoupage or whatever technique your prefer.

Here are 2 images where one if of an older model i made from mdf ages ago. On my old models i used razor blades for a blade but this has proven to be a really bad idea as i cut myself multiple times. The jaggedness of soda can metal also cuts tape much better while it wont cut your fingers.

Hope you enjoyed the instructions and if you make your own please show your creations!

Ps I also wrote this tutorial in Finnish on my blog, here is a direct link to the finnish version!



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    Try the tear strip from the side of a box of aluminum foil or plastic wrap?.

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    Good idea by In Finland where i live they use cardboard for the tear strip on those, doesn't work too well on the foil or plastic wrap so think it wouldn't work on tape!