Make Almost Any Kite More FUN (super Easy) Drop Device




Here I have posted an instructable video on making a device that is pulled up the kite string that will drop any thing that you want from the kite as long as it  can be pushed up the string by the wind.

It will then slide back down the string for reloading.

So just click the video below and start having fun.

So after watching the video you should have something that looks like the picture above and your ready to have fun.

Depending on the kite you may have to tie a knot a couple feet from the kite with a small cardboard stop in front of it for the dropping mechanism to run into.

You can use plastic grocery bags as parachutes or to pull things up such as paper airplanes.

I haven't  tried,  but I had a thought for it to pull up a fishing lure and line to drop it out in the middle of the lake, you would just have to attach a bag or similar to the dropping device. (if you try and it works let me know, well let me know either way).

Thank You

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    5 months ago on Introduction

    Thank you so much! I remember my Dad creating a messenger in the 70s, but I was so young I vaguely thought it was a straw and a paperclip. I can't wait to try this with my daughter now! Awesome post


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    I dont know whats wrong it's works on my end. and I just called A relative in another state and they said it works for them also.
    I dont know what to say but I hope it starts working for you I could use your vote :)