How to Make an Advent Wreath

Introduction: How to Make an Advent Wreath

You will need:
1)Plain wreath, available at dollar stores
2)4 candles, 3 purple, one pink. Advent candles can be found easily at Yankee Candle and many craft stores
3)Ribbon of your choice. White, gold, green, red, 
4)Decorations for accent
5)Candle ring for candles (at craft stores, these come with a plain wreath inside, you can also buy separately.)
There is also green florists' tape, useful for sticking down almost anything!

You should have free- reign here. Pretty ribbons, silk flowers, baubles, pine cones, seed pods, almost anything, adding in color. 
(I went simple as my candle ring is rather fancy and I wanted everything to work seamlessly.) 

I threaded a wide white and gold wire-edged ribbon through and tied in in a bow. Then I added little purple bows around the edges, keeping it simple. This is a project that each person has free reign to make their own. The basic rule is to keep it simple until just around Christmas time.

Advent is celebrating the 4 weeks awaiting the birth of Jesus, so there is an element of waiting, and penance. So it should be somewhat simple... although you're not waiting with a handkerchief and mourning... it's reflection, taking time to right wrongs, and waiting... and every week, there's more excitement!

The candles:
There are 4 advent candles, 3 purple, one pink (If you can't find these, white candles will work with pink and purple bows.) 

On each Sunday in Advent, you light a candle, which can then be lit throughout the week. As each week goes by, you might have 2,3, or even all 4 candles lit. (WARNING! As much as I enjoy celebrating my holidays with flare... if you set your Advent wreath on fire, you're gonna have a bad time. Please be careful of candles, and flames and take care around children and pets!) 

This year, Advent begins December 2nd. This is the first purple candle. 
The next week, you light the second purple candle. 
The third week is the pink candle, this is Rose Sunday. 
The fourth is the last purple candle.
The candles have a name, a value attached... Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love. 

Have a joyous season! 

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