How to Make an Airsoft MAGPUL




Introduction: How to Make an Airsoft MAGPUL

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A MAGPUL is a tactical magazine removal device it is used to help remove a magazine

Step 1: Materials

To construct the mag pull you will need...
Duck tape (doesn't matter what color you have)
Airsoft magazine (Works best with m4 style mags)
Packing tape
This Image
It is very important!!!

Step 2: Cutting

First cut a 5 inch piece of duck tape and cut in half. Then cut 2 inches of ONE of the piece like so...
I got this Photo from Planet Muncher

Step 3: Attaching to the Magazine

The next thing you want to do is to put the part that has the sticky parts of the strip on your mag. then pull the other side into a loop and put the other sticky side on the other  side of the magazine. I also got this photo from planet muncher

Step 4: Securing the Pull

To secure the pull cut out a piece of tape that will wrap around your magazine (leave a tab to secure it better) then cut it to where one side is about 1 1/4 inches tall that wrap it around the mag
I also got this picture from planet muncher (make sure that you do not use this picture for the length of the cut 

Step 5: Applying Detail

this part is my own idea it was meant to make it look not as cheap and to have it look as real as a real rubber magpul. print out the image from the 1st step and cut out the two on the outside and place on the magpul like this then tape it with the clear packing tape.



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    you said m4 style im just saying that they are also accepted by most other airsoft assult rifles(ar15 family, f2000, etc) NATO calls them STANAG magazine btw i give you more respect than most airsoft 'ibles for not calling the magazine a "clip"

    1 reply

    yes @The animated turtle but the dude does have a point it is mainly used on the m4 series

    can i laugh when Magpul(the company) sues your for using their name for your ductape "mag pull"?

    no put a non residue leaving tape on ur mag like blue or electrical so u dont get any residue

    try the reply button it works, and the only difference between this and the others is you tried to make it "less cheap" but you merely made it look even cheaper by adding to it.

    roll of duct tape, £1 printout of magpul around 25p, clear tape, £1, time 1min.

    3 real magpuls that dont look cheap and tacky. £5 i think i know what id rather do...

    plus i didnt point it out before but hicaps = fail.

    I think time and availability are the main motives for making this, not money...

    Some reasons to do this:
    -Some people don't have the age, privilege, time (or parent's time) to drive to a military surplus store and get paracord or a MAGPUL.

    -Buying it online means waiting about a week for it to come in (well, here in the US, for the most part), and shipping will cost more than the product.

    -Some people like to be able to say, "I made it myself," when someone asks where they got something.

    Also, Instructibles was created for people to post this kind of thing; inexpensive alternatives. So don't try to put people down when they post something "cheap".

    (BTW, you have made a dirt-poor character statement about you and your country. I wonder what all the other Brits are like...)

    Wow Your cool A 21-year old Bullying a 13 year old. On the INTERNET no less. Plus Hey guess what ever heard of the $sign?????

    one, your idea of bullying is by far the wrong definition, i am not insulting you merely pointing things out about this instructable.

    two ever hear of other country's and currencies where i live we use pound sterling aka £ not the dollar.

    three, i wonder what the us education system is like when people cannot understand simple things such as currency changes or definitions of rather simple words. 


    you call this merley pointing out things.... Quote "plus i didnt point it out before but hicaps = fail." and the currency thing the us educational system has taught us what that means it is just the conversions are difficult. Sorry i didn't say it cost x-amount of $$$ my bad  

     Now now, no need to get into such a fuss about it you two. Calm down, and keep it constructive.

    This is a great idea, but I kinda like the duct tape silver. It gives it a "yeah, I did this, deal with it" kind of look :D

    Cood idea. i did this to mine with electrical tape just because its black. SF usually uses OD tape (known as 100mph tape) and a piece of para550 cord. Its a little more dourable and get the job done.

    As a side not, MAGPUL is a company that makes tactical equipment. This is called a mag pull.

    Overall, good idea. I like the coverup

    1 reply

    im known for my outbursts...

    the be nice policy is annoying

    i have seen this done so many times and this way is terrible. paracord magpuls are the way to go if you wont shell out the pocket change for the real thing, and im not talking about the tape paracord to mag style im talking about the paracord inside the mag style...

    its on here find it yourself