How to Make an Altoids Tin Charger

Introduction: How to Make an Altoids Tin Charger

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Today I'll be showing you how to make an Altoids phone charger. Their a great thing to have in your car or stowed away somewhere in your house in case the power goes out and you need to charge your trusty cell phone.

Step 1: Getting It Together

Materials list:
1 9v battery clip
A 9v battery
Car cell phone charger (that works with phone)
Insulation tape
soldering iron + solder
Small flathead screwdriver
Small hammer
Altoids tin (optional)
Your mind :)

Step 2: Taking It Apart

Alright now what your going to want to do is snap on the battery clip on the battery, and pry apart your car charger with your flat had screwdriver.

Step 3: Clippin Wires

Now heres the fun part snip off the wire that connects the phone to the charger where the red lines are. And now solder your battery clip wires to the + and - solder points on the circuit board (where the red and light wire were connected).

Step 4: Poking the Hole

Now put your Altoids tin in the clamp firmly (but not too tight). Now poke a hole in the side with the nail and the hammer.

Step 5: Finally!!!!

Now feed the wire with the part that sticks into the phone through the hole and solder the red wire to the spring and the negitive to the other piece of metal. Then snap the battery in, tape everything down if you want and your done!!!

Step 6: You're Done

Have fun guys this is my first instructable so be nice. Make comments on how to improve, dont forget to unsnap 9v when not in use:) Have fun!!!!

Step 7: Sources

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4 Discussions


3 years ago

would this tiem work with this DIY project?

oops i ment 5v you ipod is receiving 5v but i dont belive that it wil 'FRY" or "kill" you ipod


Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

Well consider this when you plug your ipod into the wall it is receiving about 12 volts because the AC adapter converts the 110v to 12v so putting 9v into you ipod wont "kill" it. :)