How to Make an Apple-Fan-Shirt





Introduction: How to Make an Apple-Fan-Shirt

As you may know. Apple has a 16 year old program called the Apple Campus Rep program. It is a way for anyone in a four year institution to get free shwag from Apple while at the same time getting paid to market their computers, ipods, and other cool products. Since the selection process is pretty "selective" for lack of a better word, I had to up my game to stand out from the other 9 other applicants at my school. I did this by dawning my evangilistic apple gear to the meeting.

Ultimate result......*edit* =) *edit*

Step 1: Gather Materials

The List of materials are as follows:

1) 2 sheets of card-board scratch (from a box) that is more than the entire area of the tshirt being used.
2) A tshirt (prefer white for best results)
3) A pair of scissors
4) Box Cutter knife
5) A copy of the Apple logo on hand
6) Pencil and eraser
7) Flowral Spray Paint (Colored)

#7 is the most important because you have to make sure you get one that is designed for fabric. Flowral Spray paint is used to touch up flowers with darkened highlights and etc so it can also sometimes be used for fabrics. Regular acrylic spray paint (Krylon) can probably be used to but it may wash out.

Step 2: Draw Stencil

With the apple logo near by.... trace the Apple logo with the desired size you want on one cardboard sheet. An easier way rather than just eye balling it would be to get a blown-up print out on typing paper to just trace. In my case I just eyeballed it so that I could make the maximum use of the area on the front of the shirt.

This is the most art intensive part.

Step 3: Final Trace

After youre sketch is complete and the Apple begins to take shape. Darken the region that most contorts to the final shape you want to cut. This will be your guide line and you want this to be very visible.

Use the box cutter to indent the entire shape by just going over the guide lines.

Step 4: Cut It Out

Once you have created the preforations with the box cutter. Use the scissors or box-cutter again to make the final incisions one more time following the guide lines. I do it this way as to maintain the shape and not shred the cardboard when cutting. Pizza boxes are easier if you have them on hand.

Once its cut, just pop out the stencile and look at your masterpiece.

Step 5: Alignment

If there are particles hanging out the edge of your stencil just use some sand paper to smooth it out. Otherwise now you're ready to figure out the placement of your apple logo on your shirt.

I chose a white shirt and so I wanted to make whatever I put on it very dramatic and bold as to make people notice it. I chose the biggest stencil shape I could make and tilted it (not shown) to add some thunder funk to the design.

Step 6: Spray It

After you got the alignment comes the fun and easy part.

If you want the whole urban look and feel of it...just get the spray paint and go bananas on dem junx....Make sure to spray the perimeter of the stencil though first, because it will be harder to do it the second time if you want it to look spankin. I chose to go real crazy and add swirls and even my tag sign at the bottom.


Step 7: Accessorize

If you're using the flowral should dry pretty fast over night. But otherwise I'm really not sure.

Make sure to accessorize your new piece with matching stuff to go for the whole apple look. I didn't have time to brand my bandana since the interview was in 6 hours the next morning but I plan to do it soon.

Now that you know what to can brand all your clothing, accessories, walls, and girlfriends! chyea!



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    very cool, but riddle me this... (o; If you only have one powerbook, and apple gave it to you, where did the powerbook that you copied the logo off come from?

    6 replies

    I think he re-did this in order to make an instructables. if you look at the last to pictures in step 7, the logo is angled different ways.

    Owned the powerbook G4 already before I did this. Student Reps get the new MacBooks.

    Thanks guys! Its been a while since my post so its great that people still think its a worth while instructable (albeit a simple beginner one).

    *Writes this down in my list of cheapbutawesome birthday present ideas.*

    is this job based on a quota system, where you need to convert X number of new users or they fire you, or is it based on a commission, where you only get paid if you manage to attract new customers?and about the free stuff apple gives you, is it yours to keep forever, regardless of your 'performance' as an effective marketer, or do they ask for it bck if you don't have good enough results to show in exchange for what they provide you? i'm very curious to learn more about the specifics about how it operates, and if you could share any info, that would be greatly apreciated! :D

    1 reply

    as a fellow campus rep, id like to humbly remind you that part of your contract is a marketing guidlines agreement, which your t-shirt flagrantly violates. also, i think it pretty poor form to call it the "laziest job you've ever worked" - the campus rep position is so independent and open-ended because it lets motivated college students get apple into their campuses on their own terms, NOT so you can freeload. dont think dave or kelly woud appreciate that comment, either... and technically, you dont work for apple, you work for volt.

    3 replies

    "...I had to up my game to stand out from the other 9 other applicants at my school. I did this by dawning my evangilistic apple gear to the meeting."

    sounds pre employment to me... Unless your contract is retroactive (which it shouldn't be otherwise he wouldn't have been hired), there's no violation ;)

    Now I'm not sure if you personally know this guy or not... but do you know what other places of employment he has worked for? That could very well justify his "laziest job" remark. Compared to the shipyards and finishing shops I've worked in, my last job was the "laziest" job I've worked but by far the coolest/most rewarding ;)

    you are very correct... There is an interesting backstory that I haven't bored people with but short and simple - I AM NOT EMPLOYED BY APPLE. P.S. I hope people understand that this was just a first/demo instructable that I thought of on the fly as a nice weekend hobby project. This is not promotion material but my own personal fan art that I do not solicit. Use it to what ends you see fit, not just to get a job at major consumer brand company. I have other tshirt projects I have worked on so they shall come shortly.

    Thanks Christolles. I'm pretty liberal with the way I choose my words. So I apologize if you take it the wrong way but I mean lazy as in its not really work to me. Its doing something I already do and love. Anywho rather than make people angry, I have made the edit.

    no I don't think he did until now. did the last pic using iSight on imac so its mirrored.


    11 years ago

    this would be realy cool if there was a way i could do it but im not in college yet so i cant