How to Make an Arduino Oscilloscope Probe

Introduction: How to Make an Arduino Oscilloscope Probe

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               This instructabe will show you how to make an arduino oscilloscope probe for these links, a poorman's oscilloscope and a multi channel oscilloscope for arduino /

Step 1: Materials and Components


soldering iron
hobby drill(if you don't have this use the soldering iron instead)

Materials and components

1x ez clip
1x soldering iron empty tube
1x 113K ohm resistor - R1
1x 10M ohm resistor - R2
1x 2-5 pf variable capacitor
bunch of wires
NOTE: all resistors are 1/2 or any watt

Step 2: Schematic

R1 113K ohm
R2 10M ohm
Part 1 2-5 pF  variable capacitor

Step 3: Programming



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    I copy RuiSantos' comment. Great idea and good addition to the scopes.

    Why did you choose an adjustable capacitor?
    And how did you determine on how to set it?

    3 replies

    I cannot find a 2-5 pF variable capacitor. What other options do I have?

    you can experiment on fixed capacitors :)

    I think i made this while i was 12, lol

    lol, thanks for the comment. I just read you bio, I also have diabetes type 1.