How to Make an Assasin's Bomb

Introduction: How to Make an Assasin's Bomb

Today we will be making a bomb from the game "Assasin`s creed". This bomb can be used to advantage in combat and to escape from enemies.

To begin take a long bolt, put on him the flat washer, two large nuts for weight and fix them with the flat washer and nut.

That such a construction you should get

Next, we need to make stabilizers for our construction. Best to do this with a couple of feathers.

Next, we need a short screw, which will be enter close into caps for children's gun and glue it with a superglue here in this place

Next we take a cap, put into it a little bit of powder which can be taken from the usual fireworks, and very gently put it on the screw. For your safety, it is better to stop. If you will throw this construction, you will hear a loud sound.

Next I made a blinding composition of powder, sprinkle a certain part in the napkin and wrap it in our construction in this way

That napkin does not break when falling defend the point of impact by using adhesive tape

That is all, that's such a bomb we have, at impact cap provides the spark that will detonate the rest of the powder

Now let's see what we've got

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    Seth of choas
    Seth of choas

    5 years ago

    would you be willing to give a bit more detail on the process(s) you used?