How to Make an Engraver

Introduction: How to Make an Engraver

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Nowadays everybody finds it fun to engrave their name on something but they don't have an automatic engraver. This instructable tells how to make your own so you can engrave your name somewhere.

1. Motor without a gear. You can use pliers to pull the gear out.
2. Wires
3. batteries and battery compartment

Step 1:

You can put a switch on too because it is really useful. Take the gear off the motor. Use 3 or more batteries it works better.

Step 2:

Put the motor and switch together turn the on switch on.

Step 3:

You have an engraver. It was very simple. To make it is easy. You might want to sharpen it a little To make it more accurate in engravings. It will not engrave well without a sharper tip you can use a file to sharpen it. Please comment fav and follow.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    I don't agree with the simple part,although you failed to mention voltage,the source of the motor and all other technical stuff,but I will have to agree on the quality of the pictures...If you had a penny for every pixel in those pics,you'd be a millionaire...


    Reply 4 years ago

    If you had a penny for every pixel in those pics,you'd be a excellent comment

    Hi, with regard, i think this kind of DIY is so SIMPLE and it dose NOT need a post.
    At least use a better camera!!