How to Make an Ipod/phone Bag

Introduction: How to Make an Ipod/phone Bag


-Cloth(Old or new.)
-Embellish beads
-Sewing needles or sewing machine.
-Thread(any kind.)
-Sewing pins


1. Cut put a long piece of cloth.

2. Lay your phone,Ipod etc on top &trace it twice.

3. Fold it in half , pin the sides(if needed.) and sow the sides together. 

4. Cut the excess clothing off and turn it inside out.

5. Make sure your electronic device fits inside(Just to be safe.)

6. Grab another piece of cloth, measure your electronic device on top& trace again then cut it out.

7. Pin the piece of cloth on the bottom of the bag or were ever you'd like.

8. Sow the sides and the back side of the cloth together so there is no gaps MAKE SURE TO LEAVE ONE SIDE UNSOWN .

9. Sketch a heart on any color cloth you'd like and cut it out.

10. Place it were ever you want on the small piece of cloth you just sowed on&glue or sow it on top.

11. Cut out a piece of the ribbon according to the length of the bag and pin it on then sow or glue(preferably) it.

12. Then if you'd like add some embellish beads on top with an initial or anything of your choice and your done ! .

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