How to Make a Keyboard Night Light




Introduction: How to Make a Keyboard Night Light

About: Just a Brazillian Hobbist :D

Hello! I'm Sushin and this is my first Instructable.
I'm sorry if I misspell anything, I'm Brazilian and my english is not so good.

You like using you computer in the dark? I do!
But sometimes I wish there we some light to help me find the right keys. So, I've decided to make my own Keyboard Night Light!

(This instructable was done all using the Keyboard Night Light!)

Step 1: Parts

"Cool! What do I need to make this project?!"
Well, this is what you need

The Keyboard Night Light is made in modules, so you can put together how many modules you want
Each module uses this parts:
- 2 Female Modu Pins (each one with 2 inputs).
- 4 LEDs (I used Blue ones)
- 4 68Ohm Resistors
- 1 Prototyping board
- Some Wires

"Nice! What tools do I need?!"
- Some Soldering Wire
- A Soldering Iron
- Some Shrink Tube
- Maybe a Desolderering-stuff-that-I-don't-know-the-name-in-English

Step 2: Building It

Let's get this started!

Well, it's pretty simple, for real
just follow the schematics at the picture!
if you do it right, than yay! You just made one module!

PS: Don't forget to mark which pin is the Positive and the Negative!

Step 3: Connecting It

"Ok, but what I use to connect the modules?"

Yeah! But you can solder cool Modu pins and secure them with some shrinking tube!

Step 4: Powering It

"Cool! But where I can plug this?"

Well, you can use any +5V Source
I used my computer's power supply, there's a +5V output on it's back
But you can use a USB cable too!

(I really need to add a switch to turn it off...) (EDIT! Check step 6!)

Step 5: Where Do I Put It?

Well, you need to cconsider your desk setup

Here's how I made it

Step 6: Now What?

So what's next?

Well, I will add a switch to turn it off and maybe a dimmer.
But if you have any other ideas let me know!

I temporarily added a switch to turn it off, i used 3M double-sided tape to glue everything up, pictures below

Step 7: Final Considerations

Well, that's it!
Thank you all :D please leave a commentary!
I plan to write more Instructables soon :D


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    6 years ago on Step 2

    How can you use 4 LEDs with just 5v? You even used 4 68ohm resistors o.0