How to Make an Origami Crane

Introduction: How to Make an Origami Crane

For this project you will need either a square piece of paper, or you will need to make your own square piece of paper. To do this, you will need paper and a pair of scissors.

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Step 1: If You Need a Square Piece of Paper, Make It.

Take one corner of your piece of paper and fold it across to make a triangle with a little flap hanging off the edge. You will then cut the flap off (try to be exact) and unfold your paper. Now you're ready to get started!

Step 2: Make the Square Base

Start by folding the now square piece of paper in half, then unfold it. Now fold it in half again the other way and unfold so you have a crease going diagonally, horizontally, and vertically. This will be used to make the square base. Fold the paper over again as shown in the pictures, but use the diagonal crease to fold the flap down, making a triangle. Repeat this for the other side, making the square base. See picture 8 & 9 for how it should look upon completion.

Step 3: Begin to Form the Bird

Take the top loose flap of the square base and fold both edges into the center where they will meet, then unfold. You will want to take the top flap with the new folds on it and gently raise it up. Use the folds that you just made to form it into two halves of a triangle, as seen in picture 4. Repeat these folds on the other side, so you end up with picture 5.

Step 4: Form the Head and the Tail

Much like you did in the last step, you will want to take the top loose flap and fold both sides inward to make two triangles pointing inwards. Do this on both sides of the paper. Then open the side as seen in picture 3 and position the head/tail where you want it. Do this on both sides, for the head and the tail.

Step 5: The Finishing Touches

Choose which end you want to have the head and bend it downwards, forming a head. Then, pinch it to fold it along the crease going down the center of the head, as seen in picture 2. Now you're almost done! Lay your crane down and LIGHTLY pull on both wings outwards, so that the body can poof out. And congratulations, you're finished! Enjoy your new crane!

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    I'm not good at anything!????


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    thanks for the detailed how to!! worked out pretty nice on the first try. :)