How to Make an Airsoft Gun!




Introduction: How to Make an Airsoft Gun!

I've always wanted to make a homemade airsoft gun that was cheap, but i could never find an instructable that i really liked, so I made one! hope you like it!

Here is a list of the things you will need.
-water gun
-duct tape
-double sided tape
-small piece of mesh (this is usually in the gun already so that no big chunks of stuff can clog the gun)
-2 part epoxy (optional)
-toilet paper roll (optional)
-string (optional)
-PVC (optional)

Step 1: The Water Gun

The first step is to get a water gun and unscrew all the screws. Then take out the insides.

Step 2: Adding a Trigger

The next step is to glue the trigger to where you want it. Since most water guns are different, you have to find the spot that works the best for you. once you want that place, glue it and ( and if you want put on duct tape!)

Step 3: Sealing Up the Air Leaks

Since this gun will have to hold a lot of compressed air, you need to close up the places where air can escape. i used a really strong two part epoxy (JB Weld) and put a lot on it, but you don't have to. then i covered it up with duct tape. ( you don't have to use as much as i did, but i didn't want to take any chances)

Step 4: The Barrel

You will need the pen for this step. gut the pen so you only have the tube left.take the double sided tape and wrap it around the end of the pen  so it will stay in the whole better.

Step 5: Blocking the Bb's From Falling in the The Air Chamber

This step is a little tricky. you have to take the piece of mesh (I show you how to get it in the pictures) and put down the barrel of the gun so you can plug up the whole so the bb's dont fall into the compressed air chamber.

Step 6: Making a Handle (optional)

This is an optional step. all you have to do is take some PVC and tape it on to the gun.

Step 7: Finishing Up the Gun

This part is optional. you can either put the insides of the gun back into the housing, or you can keep it out like I did (I kept mine out because i didn't like how my housing looked) This is a really good homemade gun. it goes about 250-300 fps with about 50 pumps (that sounds like a lot put if you pump fast it only takes about 15 seconds to do) plus it is pretty accurate. have fun! (if anyone finds this not so fast please tell me so i can fix the instructable)

Step 8: Making a Scope (optional)

This is another optional step. take the toilet paper tube and cute slits in it to make the crosshairs. after doing that put the string in and tape it up so that the string stays in. then tape it on wherever you need to. (please comment to tell me how i can improve this!)

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Pretty great design. I haven't made it though. But if you glue the trigger anywhere, how does it work?