How to Make an Angry Bird Out of Clay




This is how you make an angry bird out of clay and I will show you how to do it

Step 1: Rolling Out the Birds Body

You take a piece of red clay and roll it in to a ball.

Step 2: Putting the Points on the Top of the Birds Head

I used a tooth pick and lifted some clay of the top of the birds head and made them into points.

Step 3: Makein Eyes

I rolled the eyes out of clay and then put them onto the bird.

Step 4: Nose of the Angry Bird

I got a piece of yellow clay and made it into a small cone and then put it on the bird.

Step 5: Spot on the Bird

I got a small piece of clay and rolled it into a small ball and then push it down on the bird.

Step 6: Black Dots for Eyes

I got two small pieces of black clay and rolled them into small balls and pushed them on.

Step 7: Eye Brow

I got a small piece of black clay an rolled it like a small piece of spaghetti.

Step 8: Angry Bird

And that is how you make an angry bird step by step.

Step 9: Stuff I Used


1. Red Clay
2. Black Clay
3. Yellow Clay
4. White Clay
5.tooth pick



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