How to Make an Archive With Multiple Passwords



This Instructable is on how to set a separate password for each file inside an archive. This might come in handy if you want to make an archive publicly available for a group of persons, but each file accessible only to a certain one.

Step 1: Stuff You Need

1) B1 Free Archiver (works on any OS)

It’s free of charge and free from viruses

2) Files you want to pack

Step 2: Create a Folder With Files

It’s not necessary for the files to be in the same folder, but it’ll help you to keep things organized and not to miss any file.

Step 3: Create an Archive With the First File

1) Run B1 Free Archiver and navigate to the first file you want to pack into the archive.

2) Highlight that file and click Create button

3) Enter the name of the future archive

4) Select ZIP format

5) Check the “Show symbols” option and enter the password

6) Click “Start!” and the archive will be created

Step 4: Add Another File

1) Open the archive which you’ve created

2) Drag-and-drop the next file into that archive

3) Select “I want to add new files with their own password”

4) Check the “Show symbols” option and enter the password for the new file

5) Click “OK” and the file will be added

Step 5: Repeat the Procedure With All the Files You Want to Add



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