How to Make an Awesome Folder :)




Intro: How to Make an Awesome Folder :)

This Is how to turn a boring, plain folder into one that is much more exciting. I always do this as to buy a cool one is about £6, wheras a plain one is £1,  and I'm a broke student. Plus mine always end up being more awesome anyway. :)

Step 1: Everything You Will Need...

You will need:
Paper the same size as your folder
Black sharpie pen (or other permanent marker)
Other permanent markers (optional)

Step 2: Planning...

Sketch out a rough design for your folder, it doesn't have to be perfect or stay the same, but it really helps later.

Step 3: Finally...

Draw out your design with sharpie, if you run out of ideas, you can look online where there are so many ideas. Here are some other ideas too. :)

Step 4: More Ideas...

This is part of an A very potter musical folder I made. :)

Step 5: More Ideas...

Patterns. :)



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