How to Make an Easy Paint Stirrer




Introduction: How to Make an Easy Paint Stirrer

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You can make a paint stirrer from a broken plastic cloth hanger. The stirrer can be attached to a power drill and mix paint or anything else that needs to be mixed quickly.



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    That flimsy plastic hanger will break the second you turn it on, my wife breaks them all the time hanging just sweatshirt! What a stupid idea! Buy a metal Warner one at Walmart for a $1.13!

    Warner drill mixer at walmart.jpg

    my electric mixer broke, and for awhile ive been thinking of fitting a whisk or something similar in the drill to use in the kitchen

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    I was looking for my mixer and found an emersion blender that I don't use it worked great. One thing it will not work on a 100% full can.. mine was close to full though. thanks for the idea.

    I have a few old power mixer attachments I keep in the garage for power mixing. I put one into a cordless drill.

    I've made a tiny power mixer for stirring little acrylic craft paint bottles out of a piece of metal coat hanger. I just bent an O shape at the bottom of it. Let sit those paints get so messed up, my mixer brings them back somewhat.

    Then there is my 5 gallon pail mixer I made out of a piece of half inch threaded rod. I use a single speed plug in drill with it.

    I never made anything out of a plastic coat hanger yet. Those are the fancy hangers! I always have to think what is worthy in my closet to put on them.

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    I know! I also use the plastic hangers for my best shirts. That's why only when are broken I get to use them for mixing paint.

    ha ha! So I'm not alone with the plastic hanger fetish? I haven't broken one yet but if I did I think I'd have to mend it. Really, they're probably not that expensive. I guess I should just go out and get some more and stop fixating on the things so much.

    I've made about half of everything I've ever made in my life out of metal coat hangers it seems. But use plastic ones? Sacrilege!

    This is a nice idea, but I definitely think more pictures or possibly a video would've helped. Personally, I really want to see this in action!