How to Make an Invisible Folder (Mac)

Introduction: How to Make an Invisible Folder (Mac)

This is a guide on how to make a fold on your mac invisible. It is a good way to hide personal files,game and ETC from prying eyes.

I hope you enjoy!

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Step 1: Folder Time

Okay,so first of all,you need to create a folder. You can do this by right clicking your desktop and selecting "New Folder"

Step 2: Renaming It

After you have your folder,select it and press enter to rename it.

Rename the folder with spaces. So you type in space space space.

Step 3: Da Photo

After you have renamed your folder, get a random image you don't need.

Double click the image and you should enter "Preview"

After you have entered preview, with your image on it (consult the first photo of this step if you are puzzled)

press Command+A which is basically just holding command then pressing A. After you have done that,a boundary should appear around your photo. (consult second photo of this step.)

After you have the boundary,simply press delete. There should be nothing but grey now. (consult third photo)

after that,you can get out of preview.

Step 4: Some Minor Tweaks

Have the folder you created and the photo you edited on the desktop.

After this,select your folder and press Command+ I which is basically again,holding command and pressing i.

a menu will pop up (second photo of this step)

after that,open up your image again,and press command+a then after the boundary appears,press command+c

you can close your photo after that.

go back to the menu you opened up (second photo)

You should see a little folder icon on the top left corner of the menu. Click on the folder,and it should have a blue outline around it. (third photo)

When you get the blue outline,simply press command+V.

you should notice that your finder icon has disappeared. (fourth photo)

Step 5:

Simply close the menu and click somewhere on your desktop,and the folder will be gone!

If you forget where it is,hold left click while dragging your mouse from the top left corner of your screen to the bottom right,and it will give you the outline of your folder.

I hope you liked it!

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Step 6:

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    P.s I know nothing about code


    4 years ago on Introduction

    If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them on the comments



    4 years ago on Introduction

    I will also be taking requests from people so if you have any inquiries about mac gaming,programming and ETC, let me know and i'll try to make an instructable.