How to Make an Office Desk on a Budget

Introduction: How to Make an Office Desk on a Budget

About: My name is Ryan Hirst and I am a keen home improvement and DIY project blogger.

In the modern era more and more companies are allowing employees to work from home - along with this more people are building home offices in their spare time to improve their business and allow them to focus on projects that could potentially make them money.

A home office can be as affordable as you like, it doesn’t always have to involve big budgets and interior designers. It’s not just in home offices we make an office on a budget, in fact sometimes employers may want to be more cost effective and create their own new office desks.

Today I will show you how easy it really is to make an office desk on a low budget - showing you the tools, materials and steps I took.

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Step 1: Tools and the Materials You Will Need

Table Top (New or old – recycle an old dining table, worktop or desk)

- 4 table legs with matching top plates (to screw legs into) and all fittings

- Tape Measure

- Pencil

- Bradawl

- Screwdriver to fit screw heads

- 3mm Drill bit for pilot holes

Note: Table Top – In this example I bought a second hand dining table from a local charity shop. However you may want to buy brand new table tops

Step 2: Measure and Mark the Table Top Plate Positions on Your Table Top

The first thing I did was to measure and mark where I wanted the leg top plates to be attached to my table top. Your table top plates are fixed to the table top and then your table legs are screwed to them – some top plates are reinforced to carry extra weight.

I needed to mark where my top plates will be before drilling my pilot holes; I ensured both my right and left screw-holes where 50mm in from the edge of my table top, just like you can see in the photograph.

You will now have a suitable fixing position for you top plates - using your pencil, mark inside each of the table top plate screws holes. The marks are where you will be drilling your pilot holes; do this for each individual top plate before moving onto the next step.

Step 3: Drill Your Pilot Holes on Your Table Top

Next of all you need to remove the plates from the table top and you will see 5 visible pencil marks per top plate - these are ready to be drilled.

Top tip: always remove your top plates, check the marks and place back in place again - this is just to check that all marks match up before drilling – “check twice, drill once” is the motto here.

Place your 3mm drill bit into your drill and carefully begin to drill all your pilot holes – remember to only drill 2-3mm down into the table top as the pilot holes are only there to help your top plate screws ‘bite’ into the table top.

Step 4: Attaching Your Table Top Plates to Your Table Top

Now you should have all of the pilot holes for your top plates drilled. Next up, we need to attach the top plates, but first you will see that each top plate comes with one large bolt, this goes in the large centre hole of your top plate facing upwards. This bolt will allow your table leg to be connected to the top plate.

You then need to place your top plates in position making sure all the holes match; place your screws inside the holes and screw them into place using your cordless drill or screwdriver. Always secure the three outer screws before the two more central ones.

Do this for all four of your top plates before moving onto the final stage.

Step 5: Securing Your Table Legs

The final step of creating your low cost office desk is to secure the table legs to the top plates. You should have four bolts facing upwards ready to screw the legs into.

Take your table leg, one side will have a screw hole ready for the bolt to attach to - the other will usually have a plastic foot - place the hole directly onto the bolt. You will have to use a little bit of force when securing your table legs, push down to ensure the bolt catches and simply screw your table legs until they’re fully secure and stable.

Do this for all of your table legs and then check each one again just to ensure there are no loose legs or top plates.

As you see from my photographs you will now have a fully functional, affordable and stylish office desk ready for use in your home office or work office.

Top Tip: You can use this guide to build a meeting or conference table by buying a larger table top and using more legs to support it

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    5 years ago

    Thanks for sharing!!


    5 years ago on Introduction

    For those of us in the US or without a Eurofitdirect, IKEA has a decent selection of modern looking table legs online - not sure about the stores, but IKEA is about everywhere in the world. I ordered a set of four adjustable legs to act as front supports for an 8 foot wide plywood table I built into the weird Michigan basement in my home. (Michigan basement covers a lot of terms, but mine is a brick, semicircular partial basement with corners)


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the comment, I would just like to point out that recently Eurofit Direct did start shipping to the US and other countries worldwide. Just check out the international shipping page here:


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Or do what I did xD

    Go outside and cut down some small trees for the legs; then cut some more just cut them in half for the top xD