How to Make an Origami Water Balloon


Introduction: How to Make an Origami Water Balloon


This is my first instructable so... be kind and learn.

Step 1: Make an Horizontal and a Vertical Fold

make an horizontal and a vertical fold (not that hard XD)

Step 2: Make 2 Dioganally Folds

Read the title of the step :)

Step 3: Make a Waterbomb Base

use the existing folds to make what i do

Step 4: Make a Beginning

fold the outside 'flaps' to the point of the triangle do this with both sides

Step 5: Nearly Done....

The points at the outside... flap them to the middle and do the thingys i do

Step 6: THROW IT!

do the shit i do after all blow it up at the hole, fill it with water and....... !THROW IT!



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    I'm confused on step 5 will you please explain it to me?