How to Make an Original New Year's Eve Bun ?




Hi girls ! (or boys, but I am not sure that you can be very interested in this instructable !)
Today, I want to show you  how to make a very easy and original bun. You can make it for a midnight party or even for every day. I did this bun on my roommate. I took about ten or fifteen minutes. Moreover I think that you can do it whether you are fifteen or thirty, there is no age to wear this hairstyle !

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Step 1: Material :

To make this bun you need :
a hairbrush
an elastic
accessories (just if you want)
long hair or medium-long hair

You can do this bun with straight or curly hair.

Step 2: Step 1

Brush your hair, your bun will be most beautiful and easier to do with untangled hair.

Step 3: Step 2

Separate your hair in three parts. The middle part is thicker than the other. With this middle part  and your elastic make you a ponytail.

Step 4: Step 3

Then, with the left part, make a twist (or with the right strand if you prefer). Wind the twist around the elastic of your ponytail. Fix the twist with hairpins. And if you do that, the elastic is hidden under your twist, it is more beautiful.

Step 5: Step 4

With the other part  (for my exemple the right part) make you a braid. Then, it is really easy, do like with the twist : wind the braid around the elastic of your ponytail and fix it with hairpins.

You can stop at this step if you don't want a bun but just an original ponytail. But if you don't like the result because hairpins are visible, you can fix your strands with original and pretty barrettes, you can hide the hairpins with another accessory too. Or follow me to step 5 too !

Step 6: Step 5

Make a loose bun (it is more fashionable if the bun is not to strict, particularly if you made it to go to a party !). Fix your bun with hairpins. And now, you are ready to dance 

Step 7: Alternative

If you want, you can add many accessories in your bun : a feather, a headband or barrettes. If you make it for a midnight party, you can even spray glitter on your hair. Moreover, you are not obliged to do just one twist ad one braid. You can make just twists or just braids, or many twists and braids together ! Don't be shy and personalize your bun. And don't forget : have fun !

Thank you to Lucile, my  model !

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