How to Make an Outdoor Electric Candle Light




Introduction: How to Make an Outdoor Electric Candle Light

This instructable will show you step by step how to make a fancy outdoor candle light, but you can place it anywhere you like it.
It is cheaper to do this instructable than to buy a regular outdoor electric light.
Thanks for watching.

Step 1: Accesories You Need to Start This Instructable

Here it is the things that you need to start doing your fancy electric candle light.

-Candle Light Holder, or you can make one, using some wood, but it is really cheap.

-Some electric wire, the amount of wire depends on the position you will place the lamp.

-127V E12 Light Bulb.. The image says 12V but it is 127V, but you can use a 12V and light it with rechargeable batteries.

-Socket for the light bulb


-Wire Terminal

Step 2: Tools You Need

Here are the tools you need

-Cross Screwdriver


-Electric Tape

-Wire Cutter to make easy the cutting

Step 3: First Step. Disarming the Light Sockett

Disarm the light socket to make the wiring easier.
You will need the screwdriver for this step, because the socket has screws, and the only way taking them of is with the screwdriver.

Step 4: Placing the Light Bulb

Place the light bulb on the wired socket.
You can try the connection, to make sure it works.

Step 5: Final Step

Place the connection inside the candle light holder, very carefully.

Place it facing downwards, so it looks like a real deal.

Then connect the switch and the terminal to the connection and you are good to go.

Step 6: Final Result

And there you are, you have a fancy Electric Candle Light.



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    22 Discussions

    I like how that finished lantern looks! I make electric candles using 4 watt c-7 bulbs (also known as night light bulbs). I take a real wax candle, usually a big pillar candle, and then I take a drill and drill out the core of the candle entirely, and run a cord from one of the c-7 bulb holders (just look for "designer clip lights" and you can find them) down through the candle and out the other end. I push the bulb end down far enough into the hole in the candle so that you can no longer see the bulb, but it lights up the candle. 4 watt bulbs don't get hot enough to melt the wax, so it works great. Don't go above 4 watts, though.

    clip light.jpg

    I've been making similar lanterns for the past few years. I got the idea from our store bought Halloween and Christ\mas blow mold decorations. At the local Dollar Tree (other stores carry them also, but they cost than a buck at those!) I picked up the light and cord all in one piece. I then cut near the bulb end to run the wire into the lantern.... Used wire nuts to reconnect the wires, electrical tap, and bingo. Electric lantern!

    We made some COOL Halloween decorations last year... I will have to try and find the photos, and post an instructable!

    I like it, but I would agree that the light socket needs to be a little safer and use a plastic one with sealed off connectors, aswell as being earthed/grounded incase of a short or the casing becoming live and very dangerous... :) But all round a nice idea, I might look into making my own... :D

    1 reply

    Also I'd fit the bulb base into the candle holder, just so it looks like it has a candle in it... :)

    The final result looks quite nice, i but i have to agree that this is quite dangerous. You should use a socket in which the terminals are enclosed within a plastic shell. Also, you MUST ground the body of the lamp if you are using it outdoors.

    No grounding of the metal and those really bad looking terminals would make me not want to go near it. Please consider the electrical saftey of things like this because when people are drunk and it starts to get pushed around its really likly those exposed screws would touch the case of the lamp and light someone up as well.

    you can also use candle bulbs that flicker(i gotta learn how they work) just my 2 cents

    Neat project! Where did you get the "candle light" and approximately how much is "cheap"? I've been wanting to make some old looking fake lights like this to theme my patio, but finding old "pirate era" looking lights has been tough. You seem to have found one that would work for me.

    I like the idea really well, I was wondering about using low voltage instead. Maybe hack up a old set of sidewalk lights or something. Nice job

    2 replies

    Let me know if you do I will check it out. I have a project in mind using very large brass outside lights with low voltage.

    Very nice lamp. I will use this tutorial to create 2 at my house. By the way, there should be some kind of protection between the wire and the screws though.

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    I thought of that, but i didn´t think it was necessary, but i will take your advice thanks.

    It cost me less than 10 $ it is really cheap, and it looks really great, i made 10 of those and put them on a tree, it looks perfect, thanks for watching.

    yeah man i did like a spiderweb connection on the tree, all the candle lights goes to the center to become one, the it goes to the nearest electricity point, and i control it with a switch

    yeah sure, but i made it in beach house, so i will probably go in 2 weeks so till then my friend