How to Make and Egg Stand "magically" on End.

Introduction: How to Make and Egg Stand "magically" on End.

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Christopher Columbus was once in a public place, and made a bet with someone that he could stand an egg on end, the man laughed and said he could do it, he got an egg and tried a couple of times, but the egg toppled over each time.. Columbus casually picked up the egg and tapped it on the table top, cracking it and making it flattish.. Now this trick does it WITHOUT cracking it..

Step 1: Get Your Stuff Ready.

Grab a salt shaker, two eggs,(one for you and one for the person watching) and a flat surface.. Wait, don't actually grab a flat surface, go find one, it works better.. ;)

Step 2: Salt Is Your Friend... Just Like Pizza..

Before mentioning the trick, put some salt in your hand, but don't show anyone.. Next, you lick the round end of the egg and place it in the salt,it'll stick. You can do this before the trick, or try the other method.

Method 2 is to hold the egg and say "mind if I blow on it for luck?" Then bring it up to your mouth, breath on it, but without anyone knowing, lick it, then put it in your hand, say "there! I did it." That will make the salt in your hand stick to the egg.. Then they'll either say "No.. Put it on the table," Or you can say "but that isn't fair, this is the right way," or something along those lines and put the egg on the table and balance so it stays put.

Now blow at the base of the egg to prove it is stable. Really, you are blowing away the excess salt . if they want to see the egg, grab it look and look it over and say "see? No cracks!" , and secretly wipe off the salt,then hand it to them.
Tell your victim to try, they'll probably fail..but don't tell! A good magician never reveal his secret! I hope the instructions were clear enough! So there you go! Try it out and post people's reactions!

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