How to Make Any Kind of Pillow!

here is a plush i made from a stencil,if you made this stencil much bigger you could make a huge ball pillow!

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Step 1: How to Make Any Kind of Pillow!!!!

So... pillows.... they don't have to be just for decoration.... they can be used for lots of different reasons! I will be showing you how to make a pillow. I'm going to use a regular square 
shape, oh and there will be no pictures sorry!

Step 1. You need your "ingredients"

- Felt,fleece,wool, or any kind of fabric.

- Scissors

- A marker(sharpie or chalk only if you need to trace your shape)

- And you can sew it (needle and thread) or glue it.

Now you need to trace or free cut your shapes. Its easy is you fold your fabric in half then cut it.

Now that you have your shapes you sew or glue them together just at the edges though. Leave a little hole to stuff your pillow. Once you have stuffed it you can close the hole. Now you have a pillow!!! :D

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