How to Make Computer Pop-ups Using Notepad!

Introduction: How to Make Computer Pop-ups Using Notepad!

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In this instructable, I will show you how to make computer pop-ups using notepad.I give credit to cmdcmd20 in metacafe because I found his video after I published this instructable.

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Step 1: Open Notepad

Open notepad by using the shortcut, or go to start, then all programs, then acsserories, then notepad.

Step 2: Start Code

Now we have notepad opened, type this in:

x=msgbox("box text""box title")

Replace "box text" with the text of your message box and replace "box title" with the title of your message box.

Step 3: Button Types

These are the button types:

32 warning query icon.
48 warning message icon
64 information message icon

0 normal message box
4906 always stays on top of desktop

16 critical message icon
0 OK button only
1 OK and cancel buttons
2 abort, retry, and cancel buttons
3 yes, no , and cancel buttons
4 yes and no buttons
5 retry and cancel buttons

Step 4: Put in the Numbers

Once you know what numbers you want, enter them here for example:

x=msgbox("box text",1,"box title")

If you want two numbers, add a plus sign like this:

x=msgbox("box text",4+48,"box title")

Step 5: Saving

Once you are done, you must save it as (something).vbs, e.g., guns.vbs .Also, when saving, you also have to change file type to all files.

Step 6: Creating Shortcut

Once you saved it, go to it and right click on it, then click "create shortcut".Then drag the new shortcut to your desktop.

Step 7: Disguising

Right click on your new shortcut and click properties.Then click Change Icon.Choose an icon you like and then click OK. Then go to the General tab and change it's name.Then click OK again. You're done!

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    5 Discussions


    2 years ago on Step 7

    Where do you put the pop up information? I have a code, that is now a file. I have created a pop up and it's suppose to pop up. What pops up. I missed something. Where does the pop up information get entered?


    3 years ago

    is there a way to make it pop up at a certain time? so i can make it as a reminder


    3 years ago

    i did it its a great idea, im doing it for my dad when he goes to work but what im wondering is for example, i asked do you think you will have a good day at work if he presses yes, i want it to say thats great, or if he presses no, thats too bad, and i want to know how to do that


    7 years ago on Introduction

    is there any way i can make a status bar you know like
    [========== ]
    78% complete

    so the formating hard drives can be more realistic


    9 years ago on Introduction

    I cannot tell from the screenshots what this is supposed to do. I think you need shots of just the windows only. Not the whole desktop.