How to Make Decorative (decoupage) Soaps




Introduction: How to Make Decorative (decoupage) Soaps

Decoupage is an art that decorating something from napkin pieces. It is a fun activity to do. I'll show you how to do dekupaj in this instructable.

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Step 1: Metarials You Will Need

You will need

Paper napkins that have shapes/decors/flowers/animals on them
Soaps (white)
A scissor
A knife
A brush

Step 2: Resect the Soap

Resect the soap until everything on its surface go and smooth. Also you can collect the soap pieces for other crafts. They smell wonderful.

Step 3: Cut the Napkins

Cut the napkins amd create your shapes (flowers, stars, fruits etc.)

Step 4: Cut More

I really recommend you to cut your napkins pieces into smaller things because usually the original thing is TOO BIG for the soap so if you don't do this step your napkin will not fit soap

Step 5: Separate and Glue It!

Paper napkins usually have two or three layers and you should separate them. After separating you must bedaub some glue on soap and stick your pieces.

Step 6: Second Layer of Glue

After your glue dried you should bedaub a second layer of glue. You must do this, it is one of the most important step in this project because it makes your soap nearly impossible to damage from air and water (if your glue is not water based but water based glues are okay too)

Step 7: Add Stars and Other Things

If your soap have spaces like my soap you should fill this spaces with decorative pieces that you cut.

Step 8: Finish

Voilà! You have just finished your decorative decoupage soap, well done!

Step 9: Other Stuff That I've Done

If you have more time than 30 minutes and better napkins you can do better things like i've done! I usually make them for gift to someone or selling them in projects for poor people

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    7 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    You should correct your spelling - it's "decoupage". It's very unlikely that anyone would be searching using your phonetic spelling.


    Reply 5 years ago

    ah thank you I cannot find the English meaning of this style so I wrote it with my mother tongue. thanks :)


    Reply 4 years ago

    I thought it was amazing, and I learned a new word!


    Reply 5 years ago

    ahaha teşekkürler


    5 years ago

    Can you still use the soap once you've decorated it?


    Reply 5 years ago

    no it is just for decoration but it can stay in humid air or in water (I guess) if your glue is not water soluble. But you should not use it for cleaning something lol