How to Make Duct Tape Loafers!

Introduction: How to Make Duct Tape Loafers!

Do you like loafers but hate that leather loafer feel? Then this is your day!!!  Making the loafer out of State-of-the-art Duct Tape greatly improves comfort and mobility!*  These are great for casual wear, fancy parties, Bar mitzvahs, dates, to the beach, ice fishing, daisy prancing, bear wrestling, and of course, (insert event here).  How much would you pay for the knowledge of how to construct one of these mystical devises.  Hundreds, thousands, millions?  well, today I'm making the special offer of not one, but two for the ludicrous price of free!  Just refer to the following listing (before I change my mind)

* as opposed to red hot lead loafers filled with rusty nails

Step 1: Materials


several rolls of duct tape

An old sneaker (a little smaller than your foot) 

2-3 socks (or fabric, it's just for the lining.  It's just more convenient in my case)

paper towels


a knife, really tough

elbow grease (2.99 at Walmart)

Step 2: The Shoe's Beginnings

You will start your magical loafer-making journey by making a structure.  Remove the sole, laces, and anything else that would prohibit taking the duct tape off later.  After that's done, pack the shoe with paper towels so that the shoe is bulging slightly.  

Step 3: It Begins!

Start wrapping the shoe in duct tape, making sure there are minimal wrinkles in the tape.  Put a minimum of 10 layers on the entire shoe and at least 15 layers on the bottom, for extra support. 

Step 4: Incisions

Make a cut through the duct tape down the front of the shoe and another down the back of the heel.  Tear the soleless shoe out of the loafer cast.

Step 5: Lining and Sealing

Take the socks (or fabric) and cut them into strips.  Place the strips on the bottom, sides, and top of the inside of the loafer.  Finally, tape the two sides of the cuts together.  Draw a design on the side and Hey Presto!!!  you have your very own duct tape loafers!

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