How to Make Easy 2 Ingredient Lip Gloss




Introduction: How to Make Easy 2 Ingredient Lip Gloss

Petroleum jelly
according to flavor, vanilla extract, koolaid flavoring, or coco powder
empty chapstick tube
microwave safe dish

Step 1:

take the vaseline and put it in the microwave safe dish. Then microvave it until able to mix easily. 

Step 2:

then mix the flavoring into the microwaved vaseline.Then finally put the stuff into chapstick tube with a funnel.

Step 3:

you have now made homade lipgloss. this is also very good for gifts or for your self.



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    5 Discussions

    Could you upload a photo of it on your lips?

    Please share your own pictures of the finished product.

    This works really well and makes your lips smooth and heps with cold sores too. This is also very cheap.