How to Make Easy and Cheap Tusken Raider Mask

Introduction: How to Make Easy and Cheap Tusken Raider Mask

Before I start I would like to point out that the mask on the photos is not complete yet - it's only what I have done in about one hour.
I wanted to make a tusken raider mask, but I haven't found any good way to do so without buying expensive things and spending too much time on it etc. so I decided to make one which wouldn't be too professional but will be cheap and fun at least for some ocassions.

What will you need:
Bedsheet (preferably an old one, my was pretty new, stolen from the school laundry)
Black, gray or brown fabric for the mouthpiece
Old glasses (optional - you can make the glasses part from cardboard as well)
Modeling clay
Silver spray or gray watercolour (depends on what you have at home)
HUGE amount of tape

As first I made the oculars - I just rolled a piece of cardboard and attached it to the right position on the glasses with the tape. You may like to use PVC tube instead, but if you don't have any, I think cardboard will do. I had a problem, because the glasses were constantly covered with vapour, but if you cover the inner glasses with a thin layer of soap, it should stop.

The most difficult part was the mouthpiece. I made the respirator from modeling clay and painted it gray, then attached it to a piece of cardboard. Then I made a small triangle of cardboard and attached the respirator to it. I had to remake it later, because it was too big. Then tie (or attach with the tape) a strap of some textile on the two sides of the triangle between which the respirator is hanging (so that you may tie it to your head later). Then cover the whole thing with something black or gray, I actually used a piece of old swimming suit, and then wrap it all around with a brown cloth (it is better to use stripe of leather or something like that).

I thought it would be better to have the horns attached to my head before putting on the bandages, so I made this strange device you can see on the pictures and sticked the horns to them (they are also made from the clay). The last thing then are the bandages. I made them about five to seven centimetres wide and very long. If you think you've got enough of them, you still need at least two meters more.

Put on all of the things and start binding your head. It is good to form a kind of headband at first and then carefully cover the rest. If you have stupid long hair in a stupid plait like me, it will take you some time.
And that is it I would say... :)

I hope it helps at least a bit. It is nothing special, but I think it might be useful :) The photos are crap, my webcam probably hates me.

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    I make costumes...ALOT....and this is fabulous...I would suggest a 'tea dye' for your sheets next time to make them look old. I will be using duct tape instead of clay today however lol. totally awesome job!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    You've got the look very well there, for "cheap" it's a bargain.