How to Make Easy Cheap Ninja Pad

Introduction: How to Make Easy Cheap Ninja Pad

to make this pad u need:
3-Tube 1.5 inch (use Sewage tube it is better than other)
4-Rubber strap
7-spray (silver)
8-marker pen
9-heated stove

Step 1: Cutting the Tube

cut it from this part that  showed on the image and try not to cut it straight line start from big part and end with small part cut the parts with the saw and here is image show u how to cut it

make sure that after cutting the surface is smooth and clean u can use sand paper for that

Step 2: Heating and Shaping

heat it until it became able to bend then u bend it untll it takes it's shape then cool it with the water to keep it's bend shape
but don't leave it mush time maybe it burn

bending it is not problem  because by heating it will be really really easy to bend 

after that if u miss burn some part of it u will be lucky if u not remove it with the sand paper 

after taking it's shape cut the useless part to form the following shape
use low heat to miss burn i burn my second ninja pad to show that u can remove the burn so don't worry about that

Step 3: Finishing It's Shape

this is the final shape of the pad after removing burn

here is word u can type on it by heating and rewrite  on it by marker pen , type any text u want

and now u must drill 3 holes on it at it's ends
insert Rubber strap on each 2 holes like on the image 

Step 4: Painting Then All Will Be Done

now paint it with silver spray and it will be read to use

thanks for seeing this 

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