How to Make Extreme Funny Faces/animals With Gimp


Introduction: How to Make Extreme Funny Faces/animals With Gimp

Hi I have made this Instructable which will show you how to make you self look like an idiot xD
Or just make your cat look like a cute cat!:)

Step 1: The Result


Step 2: How To

1. Download Gimp.
2. Open it.
3. Click file open, and find the picture you wont.(click apply)
4. Now you will have your picture on the screen.
5. Then go to filters > distorts > iWarp, and you will see this:
6. Click apply and save your image in .jpg
You are done

Step 3: Things I Have Made

My creation...



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    Gimp is free and you can download it by searching for "Gimp to windows" I just selected the first one...

    is it just me, or has the instructables robot gained some weight?