How to Make Falling Dominoes With Wood

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Hi All,

It is not easy to find dominoes to play but getting them in bulk for cheap is difficult

I made about 60 pieces from 9 ft long wooden stick.

Disclaimer : I am not responsible if you injury yourself following this instructions. Please follow them at your own risk

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Step 1: What Do You Need

1. 9 Feet wooden stick ( can buy it for Rs 50 from local wood dealer )

2. Wood cutting blade

3. Polish Paper

Step 2: Steps...

I used wooden stick of dimension 10mm X 25mm X 900 mm approx. I made each piece of 40MM in length to get 60 pieces. So depending on how much you want buy the wood accordingly

Use a pencil and scale and mark 40 mm pieces and cut them using a wood cutting blade

Use polish paper to smooth the edges and uneven cuts. Make sure they stand clear and not wobble

Step 3: Play With It

I like playing with my son. With this his Hand eye co-ordination and fine motor skills improved

We played from Simple to medium complexity

1. Straight Line

2. "L" bend

3. "N"

4. Circle

It is fun

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