How to Make Fantastic Hdr Pictures

Introduction: How to Make Fantastic Hdr Pictures

I made this video tutorial, because since im doing this, I'm addicted to it.
Sorry for my bad english in this movie ;-)



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    HDR's have pluses and minuses. I use photoshop cs3 + photomatix by the way... anyway... I like how HDR's capture every part of the scene in great detail...but sometimes i feel like it loses the natural touch.. hahah especially with tonal mapping...but even becomes a freaking awesome piece of art. look up james neeley on He takes great HDR landscapes!

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    This is an excellent instructable! Thank you very much estate8143.

    Looks good but doesn't seem to recognise qtpfsgui. Is this the correct file identification?

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    Awesome! Your English is actually okay. :P And it can't go in the LionBrand Yarn contest, this has nothing to do with that, sorry.