How to Make Figures of 8-bit of Cardboard




About: Hello to all! I'm Tim Rabaji, i am a boy lover of comic books and drawings.My favorite music is Blur, Weezer, Coldplay, Gorillaz

Hello again! Today got a little of the comics, today I bring a handcraft of
how to create your favorite 8-bit
characters. Luck!


Step 1: Materials

-Graph Paper
-Colored Markers
-Glue in bar
-Scissors or Cutter

Step 2: Step 1

Search Google "Template Pixel Art"
and search for the character that
you like more. Then, draw it into the
graph paper and paint it with your

Step 3: Step 2

Trim figure, salted glue and paste it
to the cardboard

Step 4: Step 3

Once glued, it is now a square of
cardboard and is removed from the
figure. This is done, cut the pieces
of cardboard with leftover cutter or
scissors (although the latter is more

Step 5: Final

Ok, so this would be the end result.
Until next time!



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