How to Make Flower Brooch




Here’s a quick tutorial for making an easy flower brooch like this! :)

And sorry for my English

Step 1: Making Petals

Using a CD as a template (or anything like circle), cut out 6 circles of fabric to make your petals.

Step 2: Making Petal Circle

 1)Fold your circles in quarter, and lightly crease the fold with your fingers.
2)Gather the raw edges of the first petal.
3)Continue until all your petals are gathered onto the thread, then join the first petal to the last to make a complete circle.

Step 3: The Middle Part of Flower

1) Turn the flower over, and sew a circle of felt to cover the hole.
2) From the front, stuff the hole with a bit of cotton ball but you need 3x times more than you stuffed.
3) Take fabric for the middle part and big cotton ball- insert in the fabric and sew it like half moon (with big stitch),
4) sew it like ball and cut the rest off
5) inset it in middle of flower and sew it.

Step 4: Last Touch

sew a pin or something like that in back

Step 5: Finish!

Thats all! :)



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    8 years ago on Introduction

    very cute, maybe a little fabric glued over the pin to hide stitches just to neaten the finish, but still very cute ;o)