How to Make Free Phone Calls Using Skype.





Introduction: How to Make Free Phone Calls Using Skype.

Im not sure why Im posting this except for the fact that I remember the good old days of dialpad and others before the technology crash of the early 2000s. It used to be the coolest thing in the world to make free long distance calls from any computer to any phone. Skype came along and besides taking up lots of bandwidth and being an Ebay company, Ill admit they do a really good job of providing reliable services at reasonable cost.

Step 1: Why Would You Ever Need to Use Skype for Free?

1. Like me, you dont have a cell phone or a landline. You dont care that other people cant get ahold of you but on occasion you have to make a phone call. (Just so that people dont think Im really wacky, my wife owns a cell phone and is on a family plan with her family. The inconvenience arises whenever Im not with her or else want to call her specifically when she is away.)

2. Youre out of minutes on your cell phone but you see a deal on craigslist that you cant pass up. Is it worth the extra charges to use your phone?

3. Prank phone calls are funny, everyone knows that and the easiest way to record them would be to make a call from a computer.

4. You dont mind paying for what you use but Skypes $10 minimum to purchase minutes seems exorbitant when you only want to communicate a quick message.

5. You like getting something for nothing.

Step 2: 1-800-UR-Awesome

This little trick works on the premise that Skype is nice enough to allow you free 1-800 numbers. I imagine they allow 1-877 and 1-888 as well. It's just that simple.

Dial 1-800-980-PHAD

Step 3: Make Your Call

The Phad call has a 10-minute limit so you might have to call several times if you're trying to have a special conversation with your significant other but you can do that, right?

The voice prompt asks for 10 digits but I found that adding a 1 at the beginning helped connect to my wife's cell phone.

As a bonus, I only have done this a couple of times but Phad's business model is to make you listen to an advertisement. I don't know why but the times I have used it there is no such ad.

Step 4: Pat Yourself on the Back

Go ahead,
You just got something for nothing.



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    Thanks its a great idea to help us

    Well, since Skype is limiting free calls... Why don't you try out Google Hangouts? It let's you call for free to any USA cell phone number.


    2 years ago

    Hello AwesomeBlackDude is here again,..

    What the deal w/Skype where the help instructions? NONE on the Skype webpage so your making let's say one phone call a day and suddenly it stop working the next day. But nicely there a quick throwing away fix on their webpage. Just drop amazing $10.00 bucks and your be on your way back making one phone call a day. Excuse me Skype people please stop claiming you can make free convenient phones,.. when you can't I mean really Skype?!? Especially there is no understand when making a call just a blink of eyes then this dark blue box popup and your call just ended in matter of 2seconds. What a bunch of jumbo bait and switch operations going here and get ready be jipped out of $10.00 but the problems with... that is what does the $10.00 actually cover on Skype ?!? Once again there is no instructions of helping you to find out what is what. Why am I paying for something and I don't have no ideas what the $10.00 is for and how many minutes phone plans do I have ?

    Stop pretending your something your not !!!

    This isn't Skype. It seems like an ad for this phad thing. Hmm . . . PHad . . . why do I think that this looks like it could easily be a way for shady businesses to grab your phone number and use it for nefarious reasons all the way from getting around the do not call registry to phishing and other similar activities? I don't trust this.

    1 reply

    It sounds more like a free calling App named Dingtone. With Dingtone phone number, I can make calls and receive calls, send and receive text on iPad.


    3 years ago

    I found a free way to make calls to US, Canada , Singapore, China and India.

    This one is one of the few legitimate sites that works. No ads, no referrals. It worked for me. But, the drawbacks are that you can call only the contacts who are registered in the site and also only 30 minutes per day. Anyways it works pretty well. It has an android app also.

    To Make Free Phone Calls From PC and Android:

    Skype always help me to save money to make international calls. I use this to call china and it works amazingly.

    I've read this twice and I'm unclear as to what to do. The stream of consciousness writing style does not work with Instructables. Here's what I think this is. 1. You pick up any phone and dial the 800 number for PHAD. 2. Then you key in the phone number you want to call. Does this have anything to do with Skype or was that just part of the stream of consciousness?

    2 replies

    Wow, are you serious? I'm reading the "be nice" policy and deciding to not say some things. The best advice I can give is to read it a third time, think about the title of the instructable, and I wish you luck.

    As nicely as possible... I don't understand the reference to Skype either, does Skype operate the PHAD site? Or are you saying use Skype to call PHAD? Also, (it may be temporary) I get an error "Can't find the server at"

     I managed to get it going in new zealand you have to send the call to the U.S.   1 800 980 723 one  it asks for the number you wish to call but then it says folowed by the so and so key and i dont know what it is it says like like tab or  maybe phad but i dont know what its trying to say im on dial up and the conection isnt very good anyone know what this phad or what ever key is ?

    2 replies