How to Make Fried Eggs, and Get Rid of the Heel of Bread.




This is an instructable on how to both get rid of the heel of bread, and to make awesome eggs.

Also, this is my first instructable...Ive been looking over other peoples, so i hope it turns out alright.


Step 1: Gather Materials.

For this instructable, your going to need a pan, preferably cast iron. it cooks slower, and is good for a first try at making eggs. Next, get a can of cooking oil, or butter. Ether works fine. You'll also need a spatula, a thin metal one works best, but any will do. Also grab a loaf of bread.
And of course, Eggs, lots and lots of eggs.

Step 2: Get Ready to Cook.

Place the pan on the front burner of your stove, put it on low or medium heat. Spray your pan with cooking oil, or add a chunk of butter and move it around the pan with a knife. This step keeps the eggs from sticking, allowing you to not break the yolks later. Grab the spatula, keep it nearby. the next step goes pretty fast.

Step 3: Start Cooking!

Crack an egg. And I don't mean a little bit. all the way around on the edge of the pan, so its leaking on all sides, then gently pull it apart very, very low to the pan. be careful, the yolks break like...well...Yolks. its their thing. Do this twice, then run to the next step.

Step 4: Stop, Toaster Time.

Put the bread in the toaster, one of these should be the heel of the bread. I reccomend making 3 pieces, the heel in one side, the two center pieces in the other.

Now run to your eggs...they're almost done by now =)

Step 5: Uh-ho

The tricky part. Hope you lubed that pan good, or this could be hard =-P
Alright. Wait until the eggs look as they do below, this is the perfect time to flip them

Step 6: Easy Part.

Ok, so the other side will look like this. Once you see this, wait about 6 seconds, then move the eggs to a plate. you can do this in a few ways, ethier by dumping the pan, or by using your spatula. You just made the actual egg part. Hifive!

Step 7: Grab the Toast.

AND BUTTER IT. Butter like never before.
Use a butter knife, and put a small piece of butter on one side of the toast.
besides that heel. you dont have to butter that.

Step 8: Geting Rid of That Heel.

Take the heel to a flat surface, take ethier your knife or your spatula and cut a circle in the middle of it.

Step 9: Finish Up

Put the heel of the bread in the midle of the plate, bread side facing up. place eggs underneath, cuting the whites to use as lips, or if you want to get more creative than me, add whites to the toast to make the eyes more convincing. And there you have it, fried eggs, and a bread problem solver. Good luck and have fun.



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    18 Discussions


    10 years ago on Introduction

    In my house, we refer to them as the Heels. They tend to last till the rest of the bread is gone, and someone, normally me for some reason, ends up having to use them to make a sandwich.

    Here's how I use a heel o' bread... Whenever I'm a' browning some ground beef, (not to have a Manwich night, 'cuz Manwich sauce is now made all cheap and tastes atrocious) I like to sample the ground beef, by putting a goodly dose on a bread heel, and eating it, taco-wise.
    The only problem with this technique is that my brother now has this filthy, useless, spoiled dog, which he rewards for its useless-osity, by giving it the bread heels, so now, many's the time that I'll be a' browning the ground beef, and there's nary a bread heel to be found...

    Scotty Da Q

    11 years ago on Introduction

    I think the only thing you did right was to use a cast iron skillet! :)


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Aren't you ultimately going to eat the heel anyways. Other than playing with your food, this doesn't really seem like a solution. I however have a great solution about dealing with the heels of a loaf of them, they're bread!


    lol they look like green eggs! wheres the ham? :-P cool, but my ideal egg breakfast is 2 eggs, bacon, hash-browns,2 slice of butter-bread 2 sausage links, Glass of OJ or ...chocolate milk!

    4 replies

    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    Took me some time to figure out what you meant by the "heel" of bread.................. like over here in the UK its' just called the "crust,"and much "sought after" in some quarters..................


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Heel? I'm sorry but you're wrong, it's actually called a crust. and they taste just like all the other pieces of bread to me, in fact they're nicer than all the rest when toasted.

    3 replies

    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    No, the crust is on a "Slice of bread", on the edges of it. although its the same thing as the heel, the heel has a different name because of sidedness.


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    In my (original) part of the country, they were call the heel also. The crust is what's on the edge of every slice. When I was very little, my dad worked for Tasty Bread as a wrapper (This was before bread bags.). Back then, they sold "Heel-less" bread, where the heels were removed prior to wrapping. When dad wrapped Heel-less packages, he would bring home whole loaves of just heels.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    When I end up with like 12 heels of bread I just load them up with jelly and eat them, you wasted like the entire heel. At least use it for breadcrumbs or something.

    1 reply