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Introduction: How to Make Frilly Knickers

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As it's my birthday today, what better way to celebrate than by getting creative.  I have been very lucky this year and my beautiful friend Lynsey bought me a knicker making pack.  Making pants has quite possibly been the most fun I've had sewing so far!

I know I used a pack with templates included, but I think you could achieve pattern pieces just as easily by unpicking a pair of knickers your already own.  If you are doing this you will need to unpick the knicker front from the knicker back.  Then cut the gusset seperately.  Alternatively if you do want to use templates, my pack was purchased from

Materials you will need:

    Material of your own choosing 70x70cm (I used 100% cotton)
    White elastic 1m (frilly of course!)
    White ribbon
    White thread
    Soft white gusset material 12x22cm
    Material scissors
    Paper scissors

Tip - I always keep my scissors for cutting material and patterns pieces seperate, this is to ensure my material scissors stay sharp.

Step 1 - Cut your pattern pieces

Cut your pattern pieces by following your size lines.  I also ironed my pieces to remove the folds in the paper.  Pin the pattern pieces to your cotton material and cut out following the layout below.

Do the same for the gusset material.  If you are using your own knickers as pattern pieces, I would cut a rectangle to the measurements above, and then trim this once it is sewn into the knicker front.

Now you have your pieces to start sewing!

Step 2 - Insert the gusset

With the right sides of the fabric together, place both underneath edges together.  Then place the gusset material on top and overlap the edge by 1cm.   Pin together and sew using a straight stitch with 0.5cm seam allowance.  Fold the 1cm overlap over and sew to hide the cotton edges.  Fold the other side of the gusset material and sew to hide the cotton edges.  Next trim any excess gusset material to fit your knicker pattern.

Step 3 - Finish the edges of the material

Using an overlock or zigzag stitch, machine stitch all around the knicker shape.  This will give your garment a neat finish but also help to secure the gusset in place.

Step 4 - Insert the elastic

With right side of the fabric facing your, sew the elastic all around the edge of the knicker using zigzag stitch.  To create the gathered effect, pull the elastic slightly towards you as you do this.

Step 5 - Construct your knickers

With right sides of the fabric together, sew using a straight stitch with 0.5cm seam allowance along each edge of your knicker.  Then turn them out.

Using the ribbon create a bow and sew this onto the centre of your knicker.

And voila!  A pair of very cute ladies knickers!

More making ideas can be found on my blog:


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    8 years ago on Introduction

    This would make a perfect step-by-step Instructable, since you already have all of the pictures and steps outlined!