How to Make Glitter Buttons




In this tutorial I will show you how to make your own glitter buttons.
Ok, this is waht you will need:-buttons
                                              -Mod podge (matte)
                                              -old brush
                                              -hair spray

Step 1:

Put your supplies on a plastic surface so you don't ruin your table.

Step 2:

Take your thread and squeeze it through button gap.
Do it like it's shown on the picture.
When you do it center the button on the thread so the button is in the middle

Step 3:

Dip the button in Mod podge and take the excess off(with the brush).

Warning! Mod podge dries quickly so dip the brush into water as soon as you can.

Step 4:

Open your glitter container,hold the thread and put button into the glitter.

Step 5:

Shake excess glitter off,hold the button with tweezers and remove thread.
Now you need to pierce needle through the button gap.

Step 6:

Put another layer of Mod podge or it's easier to just spray it with hair spray.
If you are using hair spray put 2 layers and buttons will be very shiny.
Last picture is the finished product.

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